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Lyft In Europe

Lyft is a taxi company which is currently Uber’s archrival. The headquarters of Lyft are currently in San Francisco, California but the company is seeking to expand globally. The company has shifted its focus towards Europe and is said to be targeting taking over the London market. This move comes just as Uber received a ban from the city.

What Is Next For Lyft?

Lyft has turned their focus also on providing their drivers with a more friendly app. The history of Lyft shows that the drivers lacked a means to communicate directly with the company so Lyft has come up with a 24/7 support app. The app allows drivers to receive suggestions on destinations where they can pick up fares, and it supports both the English and Spanish languages and gives the ability to contact customer care easily.

Lyft in London

Lyft’s managers have been reported to have held several meetings with the transport authorities in London. This comes amidst Uber’s troubles with the ban on some of their operations in the city. Reports show that Uber has dominated the London market but with the entry of Lyft in the city, stiff competition is expected. The move comes in a timely manner as Lyft seeks to expand their activities in Europe.

Projection of Lyft’s move

The expansion of Lyft’s operations into Europe is expected to boost the value of the company. The crisis that the the leading firm in the industry, Uber, has faced in the recent past and continues to struggle with provides an opportunity for Lyft. The company’s focus on ensuring the driver’s well being also encourages more sign ups with drivers in the countries that they seek to venture into. The future indicates strong competition between Lyft and Uber

License To Drive

A drivers license is a certificate allowing you to drive an automobile (or motorised vehicle) on public roads. This certificate is issued after successful completion of a drivers test, which usually has two different parts. Drivers are asked to learn and pass an exam on two different areas of instruction, Theory and Hazard Perception. The instructional courses for each of these sections are conveniently offered online.

Passing The Theory Test

mr brean driving licenseA passing score on the theory test is 43/50. If you are nervous about the exam, you may choose to book a practice theory exam online. There are many sites offering this practice test, and you should read reviews of user experiences to ensure the site is reputable. Keep in mind, the fee charged for the practice exam through the website is £25. Some sites will charge up to £62 for the same test without any additional benefits.

Hazard Perception Exam

Taking your driving lessons with an approved instructor is key. Good driving is about learning the rules of the road and how to recognise potential hazards. Choose an instructor who offers help and guidance with the theory test, as well as protection and safety (hazard perception). A passing score on the hazard perception exam is 44/75. Learning how this exam is scored is beneficial to passing the overall drivers exam.

Online Services For Drivers

Good driving takes some practice behind the wheel with a good instructor. Additionally, you will be expected to know all the road rules and show competence in judging potential hazards. For a thorough understanding of each of these, additional services may be necessary through an online school. Online driving schools focus on preparing students for the driver’s exam, through practice theory exams, and potential hazard virtual reality training. Be careful to choose a reputable company, as many copycat sites abound.

London Uber Regulation

The Transport for London government body ((TfL) announced that they would not renew Uber’s private hire operator license after the 30th of September 2017. This decision, which shocked many, has serious consequences on the people of London. The ruling was as a result of previous cases, where Uber failed to report serious criminal offences, and declare how it carried out criminal background checks on its employees.

What Is Next For Uber?

uberThe new regulation issued could potentially put close to forty thousand drivers out of their jobs if their appeal doesn’t work. It also inconveniences many Uber customers who have grown fond of its cheap and efficient transportation around the city. It will, however, be a lesson to any corporate company that does not put the safety and security of its customers as a priority, that there are consequences to this.

The London Taxi Conflicts

Uber launched its services in London in July 2013 and transformed the taxi business. The transportation sector in London, however, has not been without conflict. More people stopped using the black cabs in favour of Uber vehicles, and this led to protests, accusations and demonstrations in the city. The company has been accused of not adhering to the transport laws and currently, it’s license is revoked.

Uber’s Response To The Regulations

The company chief executive has issued a statement saying that they must act with integrity and that there is a high cost to a bad reputation. This is a chance for Uber to go back to the drawing board, do things the right way and take responsibility for their previous actions.

Driving Schools

Settling on a driving school is not as easy as many tend to think. A reference from a friend or relative who has recently aced their driving test is not enough. A lot more needs to be taken into consideration if you are going to reap benefits and turn out to be an excellent driver.

Where Are They Located?

driving schoolBeing human, we all want to achieve the best with the least possible amount of hassle. It is for this reason when choosing a driving school; it is best to carefully consider where they are located. This way, you can access them very easily and quickly from home or work. It also ensures you do not lag behind in the other aspects of your life, when in pursuit of this important driving license.

The Instructor Qualifications

Looking at the Instructor qualifications before settling on a driving school is key. No one wants to fail their driving test just because their Instructor was underqualified. Instructors are in two classes. ADI (Approved Driving Instructor) who display a green badge in their car, and PDI (Potential Driving Instructor) who display a pink badge. If they do not have either, then think twice before considering them.

Considerations For An Awesome Driver

Other considerations need to include the tuition fees charged, just to be certain they are in your budget range. Also personal considerations should be put into perspective, as driving requires individuals who can handle the pressure of being on the road for the first time. If you have looked at all these areas and are content with your choice, then you can start on your path to being an exceptional driver!


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