BMW, Meaning Bavarian Motor Works, is a Multinational Firm which is one of the largest producer of motor vehicles. With its headquarters in Munich, Baravia in Germany, the firm was first established in 1916 and has expanded over the years. Cars of the same brand are produced in various other countries such as The UK, USA, India, South Africa, China and Brazil.

Brief History of BMW

First founded by three people in Munich, namely Camillo Castiglioni, Franz Josef Ropp and Karl Rapp, BMW has come a long way. From being a manufacturer of aircraft engines, the company sailed through the world war after which they started producing motorcycles to a level for commercial use. BMW overcame a terrible crisis in its financial status in the year 1959 by wisely deciding to turn into being a manufacturer of automobiles.

The Success Of BMW

bmw logoBMW has expanded from Munich by performing acquisitions of several car manufacturing companies, the first being Han Glas Company in the year 1966.The British Rover group was then acquired afterwards. They established development and Production in the US in the year 1992 after acquiring a California based company. Successful automobile production has been attributed to the quality and process of manufacturing involved for each of the cars.

BMW Has Transformed The Transport World

BMW has transformed the motor industry and is one of the most trusted and prestigious manufacturers of automobiles, in addition to the Mercedes-Benz and Audi, the company is behind another royal-class automobile maker known as Rolls-Royce Motors. BMW manufactures both motorcycles and cars and is well known internationally for producing luxurious automobiles.