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Audi vs BMW

Do you want to buy a beautiful German luxury car and confused between an Audi or a BMW? Audi and BMW are two renowned luxury car brands in the automotive market. Determining which of the two is better is a tricky exercise, as both have many enviable assets. Let’s discover together what these two brands contain by comparing their latest vehicles.

BMW Vs Audi – History and Philosophy

bmw v audiAudis and BMW are dream cars of many and are surely manufacturer of best cars in the automotive market. Audi has long built its reputation on the basis of characteristics common to most of its vehicles: evolutionary engines, sports lines and predispositions for motor racing. BMW, on the other hand, has rather stood out by developing luxury cars with sometimes extravagant profiles. Also the qualities of this Premium brand can be summarized as follows: precision, power, on-board technology and soundproofing.

Features of both

Talking about the features of the two best cars, more recently, Audi’s advanced technology and its S-tronic clutch have earned it 3rd place in the ranking of the most reliable brands in the annual Consumer Reports. As for BMW, opting for a refined aesthetic, BMW vehicles were able to delight the hearts of the public – in particular the youngest – thanks to the strength and the propulsion of the engine blocks.

Audi or BMW?

A study published by the American magazine Automotive Management concluded that Audi is the brand which, at its core, presents the most mechanical problems. Therefore, the costs relating to the maintenance of an Audi vehicle may me much higher than if you own a BMW. Your choice between a BMW or an Audi will therefore depend on your priorities, knowing that an Audi is more discreet and better equipped technologically, but also less reliable.

Audi R8

In the early 20th century, motor enthusiasts were demanding more speed, more style, more individuality and more performance. Car designers were happy to oblige, and the sportscar was born and later on the sleek, 2-seater Audi R8. Style is something that marks out the Audi R8 and it’s precisely why the coupe is a head-turner.

Capable of Great Speed

The luxury car with German manufacturing has become remote from other cars, with its 5.2-audi r8liter V10 engine giving it a top speed of 330 km/h and being able to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.2 seconds. All the R8s are V10-powered with a twin-clutch 7-speed auto gearbox. Its sporty design and all-digital gauge display make sportscar lovers agree that the Audi R8 is one of the most sought after supercars available today.

Looks are a Reliable Guide

The Audi R8 has the looks and performance to make it an exceptional supercar. It’s why the car has a number of rivals, trying to be in its league. In true sportscar fashion, the flashy R8 has the Spyder model which allows for the top to come down. The car is also known for its reliability and safety even though the 2-seat design isn’t that practical.

Glamorous beginning from 2003

The Audi R8 first made an appearance in 2003 at the International Geneva- as well as the Frankfurt International Motor Show. Convertible models which are known as the Spyder came out in 2008. A new model known as the V10 was added to the mix. In 2018, the R8 received a mid-cycle update to its looks and more performance.

Electric Cars

electric car charging

World is looking for sustainable alternatives and eco-friendly cars are one of them. Eco-friendly electric cars with no emissions run on electricity, using an electric motor powered by electricity from batteries. There are some plug-in-hybrids where you get a diesel or gasoline engine as well as an electric motor with a rechargeable battery. But then again there are electric cars that operate exclusively on electricity.

Far less greenhouse gases

Cars make up a huge percentage of CO2 emissions, but research shows that electric hybrid cars are more efficient with less greenhouse gas and other emissions than your regular gas cars. Electric cars are designed to be environmentally friendly as they don’t pollute the air with toxic emissions. Manufacturers are building electric cars with a good range and speed and are wanting to develop lighter lithium-ion batteries capable of storing more energy.

Lower taxes with hybrid cars

Hybrid cars are combination cars – they use a mix of petrol or diesel engine with an electric motor. The advantage with Hybrids is you use less fuel than your regular petrol or diesel car and it also emits less CO2. Hybrids are strong or mild according to the battery power they have, and with more battery, they can go further

Electric car advantages

Charged by the electricity you provide them, a big advantage with electric cars is the no emission of toxic gases. The cars also undergo all the same testing procedures to ensure their safety. Also, because they are becoming more popular, costs and maintenance of electric cars has gone down and tax incentives have also helped to make these cars more affordable.

The ‘Blower’ Bentley

The Blower BentleyBentley Blower is amongst the most iconic fast cars ever made in the 1920s for a race track. This 4.5-litre model was made specifically for race track endurance and proved to be highly reliable in the 1928 Le Mans. However, a jammed wheel in the 20th lap made it miss taking home the race’s victory. The car later dropped the 4.5-litre engine and opted for a bigger 6-litre engine.

A Supercharger on Board

Bentley at first did not believe in adding superchargers to engines. In fact, he claimed that adding engine sizes was even more efficient. Sir Henry ‘Tim’ Birkin with financial backing from Dorothy Paget rebuilt the car including a supercharged engine. This addition on the Bentley Blower would later assist in winning the 1930 French Grand Prix race. Since then, supercharged and turbo engines rule racetracks all over the world.

Specifications of the Blower

The original version of the Bentley engine produced approximately 130 bhp. With the help of Amherst Villers and strong financial backing from Dorothy Paget, Engineer Sir Henry ‘Tim’ Birkin rebuilt a car with 242 bhp output. The Roots-type supercharger was connected straight to the crankshaft. It gave the car a unique appearance. This then gave birth to the 242 bhp ‘Blower Bentley.

Never Made it to Le Mans

Birkin produced about 54 cars in the lifetime of this racing power horse. The Blower, however, had one weakness. Its chassis was a bit fragile and couldn’t last a race. For this very unfortunate reason, the Bently never won at Le Mans, the very reason it was built. It however won the GP race.


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