Electric Cars

electric car charging

World is looking for sustainable alternatives and eco-friendly cars are one of them. Eco-friendly electric cars with no emissions run on electricity, using an electric motor powered by electricity from batteries. There are some plug-in-hybrids where you get a diesel or gasoline engine as well as an electric motor with a rechargeable battery. But then again there are electric cars that operate exclusively on electricity.

Far less greenhouse gases

Cars make up a huge percentage of CO2 emissions, but research shows that electric hybrid cars are more efficient with less greenhouse gas and other emissions than your regular gas cars. Electric cars are designed to be environmentally friendly as they don’t pollute the air with toxic emissions. Manufacturers are building electric cars with a good range and speed and are wanting to develop lighter lithium-ion batteries capable of storing more energy.

Lower taxes with hybrid cars

Hybrid cars are combination cars – they use a mix of petrol or diesel engine with an electric motor. The advantage with Hybrids is you use less fuel than your regular petrol or diesel car and it also emits less CO2. Hybrids are strong or mild according to the battery power they have, and with more battery, they can go further

Electric car advantages

Charged by the electricity you provide them, a big advantage with electric cars is the no emission of toxic gases. The cars also undergo all the same testing procedures to ensure their safety. Also, because they are becoming more popular, costs and maintenance of electric cars has gone down and tax incentives have also helped to make these cars more affordable.