Formula One Car

The F1 or Formula 1 car is a single seat car, that is in the highest class of any single-seater racing automobile. It is designed to give the driver full control of the vehicle and is made for racing and specifically for Formula One racing. Since it’s inception in 1950, Formula One racing has been the premier form of racing for this category of cars.

Design and Engine

formula one pink londonAn interesting fact to know is that the ‘formula’ in the name actually refers to the set rules that every car must conform to. The basic design is that it has to be a single-seater car, and the engine must have a 1.6-litre tank capacity with a limited rev of 15000rpm. Further specifications on the engine dictate that the six cylinders must be arranged at a 90° formation each with two exhaust valves, two inlets and a single turbocharger.

More Engine Specifications

The engine fuel flow is limited to 100k/hr and it has one tailpipe for the exhaust system turbine and the optional of one or two tailpipes for the wastegate. Any modifications or devices other than the permitted engine with one MGUK to propel the car is prohibited. All specifications and rules and for the fromula one car are sanctioned by the FIA (Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile).

Final Thoughts on Formula One Car

Formula One racing is traditionally based in Europe, however, over the years the championships has grown and become a global sporting event. In 2018 it had 11 out of 21 of its races outside Europe, in destinations like Melbourne, Shanghai, Adu Dhabi, Brazil, Japan to name a few. Check out the formula one calendar to see when this exciting championship will be coming to a city near you and get a chance to watch this super fast car in action.