Hackney, hackney carriage, London taxi, black cab, cab, hack or London taxi are among the names given to United Kingdom’s taxicabs. If you want a fancy name, call them the London’s exemplary black cabs. Whether you are a tourist visiting London for the first time, or you are an inhabitant, moving around the capital in a hackney is worth every penny.

London Taxis Are The Leading City Guides

london hackneyBlack Cab’s drivers know almost every street in London. You are wondering how? To qualify as their driver, one must pass the rare test known as “The Knowledge.” This strange test takes between 2-4 years to pass. Although that sounds like a long time, its worth it as these are the only drivers believed to possess outstanding visuospatial skills. Also, the drivers are familiar with a minimum of 25,000 streets and know all main arterial routes that run throughout London.

Arranging For A Black Cab

You can book a London taxi online. This involves getting a cab at a fixed charge and this is beneficial when traffic gets bad. You can also catch a cab from the streets. Most of them are stationed along the streets, prominent places, the mainline rail and bus stations. You need to look for an orange light above a cab’s windscreen stating “For Hire” to hire one.

Hackney Carriage – For A Safe Ride

London taxis are the best for anyone looking for a safe ride. These cabs operate with eminent standards. Each of them must have the local authorities’ license. The drivers are also qualified since they must pass the strict Knowledge test that ascertains the driver’s skills and knowledge of the city. Choosing London taxi gives you a luxurious, safe car and a qualified driver who knows London city like the back of their hand