range rover

History of Range Rover

The British brand of Range Rover goes back to 1948. The pioneer brand focused on utilitarian four-wheel drive off-roaders. Today, known as Land Rover, it’s all about upmarket and luxury sport utility vehicles. One little known fact is that the first Range Rover had a steering wheel in the middle like post Second World War Jeeps. This eliminated the need for different prototypes for left and right-handed drivers.

Iconic Cars From Land Rover

The first Range Rover was designed in the 1950s but the very first one wasn’t put on the market until the 1970s. It was dubbed Road Rover and it had a design that was based on a car platform. The futuristic design was five decades ahead of the crossover SUVs produced today. Since then, Land Rover had unveiled a number of iconic cars. They include Evogue, Range Rovers, Velar, Discovery and Discovery Sport among others.

What’s Next From Land Rover?

As is the norm with the brand, Land Rover continues to upgrade existing models and create new ones. A recent debut is the 2022 Defender Trophy Edition. It’s one of the Range Rovers models that dominated the U.S Camel Trophy Rally. Known as Just 220, it’s an upgrade of the 2022 Defender 110 P400 grade. It boasts features like a 3.0-litre turbocharged inline-6 and mild-hybrid setup ideal for 395 hp.

Land Rover Continues To Lead From The Front

As it continues the dominate the luxury sports utility car market, Land Rover is also set to unveil a fully electric version. This is slated for between 2023 to 2024. An electric version will be a big part of the legendary success story of this universally beloved brand. As this debut is worked on, more models will be upgraded with the brand’s most powerful engine – a 5.0-litre supercharged V8 petrol engine.