License To Drive

A drivers license is a certificate allowing you to drive an automobile (or motorised vehicle) on public roads. This certificate is issued after successful completion of a drivers test, which usually has two different parts. Drivers are asked to learn and pass an exam on two different areas of instruction, Theory and Hazard Perception. The instructional courses for each of these sections are conveniently offered online.

Passing The Theory Test

mr brean driving licenseA passing score on the theory test is 43/50. If you are nervous about the exam, you may choose to book a practice theory exam online. There are many sites offering this practice test, and you should read reviews of user experiences to ensure the site is reputable. Keep in mind, the fee charged for the practice exam through the website is £25. Some sites will charge up to £62 for the same test without any additional benefits.

Hazard Perception Exam

Taking your driving lessons with an approved instructor is key. Good driving is about learning the rules of the road and how to recognise potential hazards. Choose an instructor who offers help and guidance with the theory test, as well as protection and safety (hazard perception). A passing score on the hazard perception exam is 44/75. Learning how this exam is scored is beneficial to passing the overall drivers exam.

Online Services For Drivers

Good driving takes some practice behind the wheel with a good instructor. Additionally, you will be expected to know all the road rules and show competence in judging potential hazards. For a thorough understanding of each of these, additional services may be necessary through an online school. Online driving schools focus on preparing students for the driver’s exam, through practice theory exams, and potential hazard virtual reality training. Be careful to choose a reputable company, as many copycat sites abound.