London Uber Regulation

The Transport for London government body ((TfL) announced that they would not renew Uber’s private hire operator license after the 30th of September 2017. This decision, which shocked many, has serious consequences on the people of London. The ruling was as a result of previous cases, where Uber failed to report serious criminal offences, and declare how it carried out criminal background checks on its employees.

What Is Next For Uber?

uberThe new regulation issued could potentially put close to forty thousand drivers out of their jobs if their appeal doesn’t work. It also inconveniences many Uber customers who have grown fond of its cheap and efficient transportation around the city. It will, however, be a lesson to any corporate company that does not put the safety and security of its customers as a priority, that there are consequences to this.

The London Taxi Conflicts

Uber launched its services in London in July 2013 and transformed the taxi business. The transportation sector in London, however, has not been without conflict. More people stopped using the black cabs in favour of Uber vehicles, and this led to protests, accusations and demonstrations in the city. The company has been accused of not adhering to the transport laws and currently, it’s license is revoked.

Uber’s Response To The Regulations

The company chief executive has issued a statement saying that they must act with integrity and that there is a high cost to a bad reputation. This is a chance for Uber to go back to the drawing board, do things the right way and take responsibility for their previous actions.