Lyft In Europe

Lyft is a taxi company which is currently Uber’s archrival. The headquarters of Lyft are currently in San Francisco, California but the company is seeking to expand globally. The company has shifted its focus towards Europe and is said to be targeting taking over the London market. This move comes just as Uber received a ban from the city.

What Is Next For Lyft?

Lyft has turned their focus also on providing their drivers with a more friendly app. The history of Lyft shows that the drivers lacked a means to communicate directly with the company so Lyft has come up with a 24/7 support app. The app allows drivers to receive suggestions on destinations where they can pick up fares, and it supports both the English and Spanish languages and gives the ability to contact customer care easily.

Lyft in London

Lyft’s managers have been reported to have held several meetings with the transport authorities in London. This comes amidst Uber’s troubles with the ban on some of their operations in the city. Reports show that Uber has dominated the London market but with the entry of Lyft in the city, stiff competition is expected. The move comes in a timely manner as Lyft seeks to expand their activities in Europe.

Projection of Lyft’s move

The expansion of Lyft’s operations into Europe is expected to boost the value of the company. The crisis that the the leading firm in the industry, Uber, has faced in the recent past and continues to struggle with provides an opportunity for Lyft. The company’s focus on ensuring the driver’s well being also encourages more sign ups with drivers in the countries that they seek to venture into. The future indicates strong competition between Lyft and Uber