The Story Of Nazi Porsche

nazi porscheThe Nazi Porsche has stood out as a rare gem in most car shows around the world since 1939. While this striking beast has attracted bids of upto $20 million, the Nazi Porsche might not be a Porsche at all. Considering that the car was designed and produced in 1939 even before the inception of the Porsche company, car enthusiasts are still figuring out why it is called a Porsche.

Designer – Ferdinand Porsche

In 1939, an engineer by the name Ferdinand Porsche came up with the brilliant idea of designing the Type 64 Porsche. All along, this engineer was working for Volkswagen (1937) and Mercedes-Daimler founded in (1926). It as built as a commission for the National Socialist Motor Corps and was supposed to take part in the race from Berlin to Rome. Indeed, it was viewed as one way to showcase a fast-evolving Deutschland’s engineering.

Collection of Parts

A few features that stood out in this Type 64 piece of gem include the tiny interior, a split windshield and the wide black steering wheel. This car was originally made by VW parts along with other special parts designed by Porsche. Some other parts that would later be added to the vehicle were borrowed from Steyr, an Austrian and Fiat conglomerate.

Remained a Porsche

While Type 64 was born several years before the Porsche was established in 1948 it still remains unique. Its round headlights, smooth sides and a gently curved roofline define the modern-day Porsche. Ferdinard referred to his invention- Type 64 fondly as die Ahnherr”- The Ancestor and added his surname to the car’s grille.

New Electric Jaguar

jaguar i pace electric factsJaguar’s foray into the world of alternatively powered cars has been nothing but spectacular. After retiring its long-standing, iconic, and perhaps most adored luxury sedan, the Jaguar XJ, the company announced that it would be reborn with all-electric power. The manufacturer claims that the Jaguar XJ will be the first of many electric cars that will pop from its production line over the coming years.

The King of Luxury Sedans – Jaguar XJ

The Jaguar XJ has a long and illustrious history. From its inception in 1968, it hasn’t really gone through any significant transformation, in common with other luxury sedans like the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. In the next year or so, that’s all about to change with the XJ getting a new electric plant and a floor-mounted battery pack. With a launch date expected in early 2020, the electric Jaguar XJ will benefit from its sibling’s Land Rover experience with hybrid engines.

Jaguar’s First All-Electric Model

Models like the Jaguar I-Pace may have suggested that the car market favours hybrid engines over all-electric power, but Jaguar’s revelation of its plans with the XJ point to the company going all-electric with future models too. These plans are already underway at Castle Bromwich Factory, with production lines getting upgrades to fit future Jaguars with all-electric engines.

Expect Exacting Performance

If the Jaguar I-Pace becomes the benchmark for Jaguar’s entrance into the electric market, expect unmatched performance and comfort from Jaguar’s electric powered cars. The company is known for going over and above the call of duty with its vehicles. The I-Pace received, and continues to receive accolades, most notably the European and World Car of the Year trophy. It’s only natural the XJ and other electric cars from this manufacturer will attract the attention of enthusiasts.

Water Powered Cars Exist

Running a car on nothing but water. Sounds like a fantastic idea, doesn’t it? Well, if you haven’t heard about cars that can run on water, someone saying you can hop on a car armed with nothing but a can of water sounds like something from a sci-fi movie. But it turns out you can change out your gas powered engine for a water-burning hybrid.

Who’s Stopping Water Powered Cars?

StanleyMeyersDuneBuggy water powered carWhy aren’t we zooming around with water powered cars? Why do we have to put up with skyrocketing gas prices? Well, it turns out we can actually make water-powered cars. In fact, Genepax developed a motor that uses oxygen and hydrogen to drive the wheels. But no one’s taking the Japanese manufacturer seriously. Experts are falling over themselves trying to fault the creation of Genepax. The same thing happened to Stanley Allen Meyer, a pioneer of fuel cell technology.

Are We Talking About A Conspiracy?

Stanley Allen Meyer was sued by potential investors who claimed his invention was nothing but a hoax. The court ruled in the investors’ favour further discrediting what would have been the birth of the first water powered car. But suing Meyer wasn’t enough. After the lawsuit, Meyer would be poisoned in a restaurant. You be the judge. Is there a conspiracy to keep water powered cars from the public?

What’s The Truth Behind Water Powered Cars?

What’s the deal behind water powered cars? Is someone really trying to keep the technology away from the masses? While answering that question might require one to take a huge leap of faith and possibly slander a few people, what’s true is water powered cars are a reality. We have the technology, although not that efficient, to have our cars run on nothing but water.

Hot Car Engines

Every car engine gets hot – there is nothing exceptional about that. But car engines overheat and you could say that every car owner needs to know what the maximum temperature capacity of their car is. Even modern cars, with their advanced technology, can generate too much heat. Generally, most car engines have a maximum heat capacity of roughly 121° Celsius.

How hot is hot?

If you’re on a lonely road, it can be ghastly seeing the temperature gauge of your car moving up towards the red mark. It’s an urgent warning your car is overheating and about to reach breaking point. Unfortunately you will have to pull off to the side of the road, because continuing on your journey will be risking more damage. Just turn on your hazard lights and work out your next move.

What Causes this Overheating?

car engineThe internal combustion engine converts potential chemical energy into thermal energy, which is then transformed into mechanical energy. This is actually what accelerates the vehicle. You can be accelerating on the highway or stuck in city traffic and your car can be overheating. There are so many factors such as leaks in your cooling system, your radiator failing or worn out hoses or something else even.

Overheating – be on your Guard

It can be so stressful when your car overheats, so you should see to it that your car gets regular check-ups. If you’re not a mechanic-type of person, at least let someone show you how you can be checking your car’s radiator, coolant and temperature gauge. The temperature gauge will alert you to when your car’s engine is becoming too hot. Knowing some car hotspots like these will ensure that you can save yourself a lot of unnecessary panic.

Formula One Car

The F1 or Formula 1 car is a single seat car, that is in the highest class of any single-seater racing automobile. It is designed to give the driver full control of the vehicle and is made for racing and specifically for Formula One racing. Since it’s inception in 1950, Formula One racing has been the premier form of racing for this category of cars.

Design and Engine

formula one pink londonAn interesting fact to know is that the ‘formula’ in the name actually refers to the set rules that every car must conform to. The basic design is that it has to be a single-seater car, and the engine must have a 1.6-litre tank capacity with a limited rev of 15000rpm. Further specifications on the engine dictate that the six cylinders must be arranged at a 90° formation each with two exhaust valves, two inlets and a single turbocharger.

More Engine Specifications

The engine fuel flow is limited to 100k/hr and it has one tailpipe for the exhaust system turbine and the optional of one or two tailpipes for the wastegate. Any modifications or devices other than the permitted engine with one MGUK to propel the car is prohibited. All specifications and rules and for the fromula one car are sanctioned by the FIA (Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile).

Final Thoughts on Formula One Car

Formula One racing is traditionally based in Europe, however, over the years the championships has grown and become a global sporting event. In 2018 it had 11 out of 21 of its races outside Europe, in destinations like Melbourne, Shanghai, Adu Dhabi, Brazil, Japan to name a few. Check out the formula one calendar to see when this exciting championship will be coming to a city near you and get a chance to watch this super fast car in action.

Volkswagen Type 2

People who knew it will never ever forget the Volkswagen – the world’s largest selling make of car. This surely is one of the most remarkable cars ever built – a technical phenomenon really. The Volkswagen Type 2, known as the Kombi, Microbus or VW Camper was no different, never to be forgotten for its iconic design.

The van we all know and love

volkswagen typ 2 red lonodn driving coursesThe Volkswagen Type 2 multi-purpose vehicle graced our roads between the years 1950 and 1979 and was a blend of freight mover as well as a people carrier. Bernardus Marinus, known as Ben Pon became the first dealer outside of Germany to sell Volkswagen vehicles. The first generation Volkswagen Bus had a 25-horsepower Beetle 1200 air cooled 4-cylinder engine – not fast but roomy, cheap and reliable.

Three Exciting Variants

Known fondly as the ‘people’s van’, the Type 2 was available in the United States, but the engine rated at 30 horsepower at 3400 rpm. Three variants were available – the blue base Kombi, the green Micro Bus and the deluxe Micro Bus available in a combination of red and black and all with nicknames such as Clipper, Bulli, Hippie-bus and others.

Integrity of Design

The secret behind Volkswagen’s success is the integrity of design and catering to the people’s needs – a cheap, reliable vehicle. Millions upon millions of people have owned a Volkswagen, and models such as the Volkswagen Type 2 can still be purchased when you go online or check out classic & vintage vehicles in car magazines, some of which are still in an immaculate condition.

Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen

Talk of an SUV! The Mercedes-Benz G-Class is one of the best SUV’s in town. This vehicle comes with one of the strongest engines ever built. It also comes with a leather interior. This German Machine offers the driver superb practicality even when doing high speeds. An average cargo space and adjustable seat too. Its reliability is average and thus very little times spent on downtimes.

Everything you could imagine in a Luxury SUV!

Mercedes G-wagen 2018Notably, the rear and front differentials are well separated, with the front one residing independently on the front axle. This gives this SUV an off-road luxury touch such that you even might not even notice when the road is too bad. This type of axle arrangement gives this amazing piece of technology both a super On-Road performance. Also, an electrically powered steering wheel makes driving this vehicle a bliss even at relatively high speeds.

Turbo Powered Inline Six-cylinder Engine

This is one of the few vehicles with this type of engine. With such a technology, be sure to get some nice On-Road performance with power to the tunes of 416 hp and 450 lb-ft of torque. This performance is even made better by a 9-speed automatic gearbox. You can decide to use the paddle shifts too.

Final Thoughts about Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen

This piece of technology can achieve a speed range of between 0-60 mph in a record 5.8 seconds. It can hit a top speed of 130 mph in a surprising 12 seconds. The off road capabilities of this vehicle coupled with the luxury it offers makes it any man’s wish.


A revolution is in the offing and Tesla is sweeping the motoring off its feet in their bid to provide the world with electric cars. The company is also doing all that is its ability to ensure that they are also providing integrated renewable sources of energy such as solar systems. Tesla believes that their innovation is an idea whose time has come and cannot be stopped.

Tesla Logo CarsFacts about Tesla Electric Car

As oil reserves in most oil-producing countries dwindle, the world still has something to smile about. The invention of electric vehicles with several battery options is a great reprieve to the motoring world. It is now possible to drive hundreds of kilometres in a Tesla car without a recharge. Such technological advances are very fundamental to drivers in terms of fuel cost savings. It also comes with a lot of convenience too.

Government incentives for green economy

Tesla promises that their technology will go along way in conserving the environment. This has been proven by the current electric cars that do not need any gasoline refills. As an incentive for a job well done in preserving the environment, governments around the world are subsiding taxes for anyone buying electric vehicles from Tesla.

Why get a Tesla car

A Tesla car is is a technology that comes in handy in the present day. With a wide range of benefits, ranging from convenience, environmental conservation and fuel saving ability, Tesla cars are an invention that here to stay. As such, it is prudent to embrace this technology and ride the wave too.

The Electric Vehicle

The electric vehicle or also known as electric drive vehicle, since coming to existence in the mid 20th century they have taken normal Joe by surprise. Electric vehicles include road and rail vehicles, surface and underwater vehicles. Being powered by electricity vehicles may be either self-sufficient with a battery, solar panels or electric generators to convert fuel to electricity or current collectors to collect electricity from overhead cables e.g Trams.

Solar as a Better Option

Just like fuel the electric vehicles also require stations where they can charge but this is for the self sufficient types, for vehicles like trams they don’t stations rather they have direct connections to the generation plants. Switching from fossil fuel to renewable energy is advantageous but it can also have some disastrous effects like nationwide blackouts, because most countries aren’t ready. Considering sun power as an option could help reduce the strain on the power grids.

Advantages of Electric Vehicles

Nevertheless one would fall in love with this vehicles after seeing the various conveniences that come with the vehicles, saving $1000 every year, less noise pollution also a 90% energy conversion efficiency do not forget regenerative braking systems where movement energy is converted to electricity and stored in the batteries.

A small change with such a big effect on the planet as a whole. Electric vehicles are here to stay.

The only downside to taking the tram is that you must focus on driving and hence can’t spend your time playing candy crush, playing slot machines or reading books while driving.

Electric Cars – For Cleaner Energy.

Being a technological trend that has been the from the 1910’s with a lot of advantages in-line with it that would save the planet. It show how much it was set aside until it was late. Where current electrical grids cannot provide for electrical cars.It’s now when the interested parties have the product and market but factors affecting the product are really taking a toll on them.

Jaguar And Land Rover

Jaguar and Land Rover is a set of luxury vehicles, manufactured by a firm owned by Tata Motors ,which is an Indian owned Automobile firm and currently one of the largest Automotive firms in India. Located at Whitley in Coventry, England, Jaguar Land Rover Automotive PLC is currently the holding firm of the automobile firm that manufactures Land Rovers and Jaguar brands.

How Jaguar Car Brand Evolved

land rover jaguar logoJaguar Cars Limited was founded at Coventry in 1922 as Swallow Side Car firm, changing its name to Jaguar in 1945 and began producing high performance engine vehicles. Land Rover was first rolled out in 1947, and gained a reputation of tough field serviced vehicles. In 1989, Ford acquired Jaguar then acquires Land Rover in the year 2000.In 2008, Tata motors, an Indian motor vehicle firm buys Jaguar Land Rover.

Turbulence And Rise Of Jaguar Land Rover

In 2009, after a global financial meltdown in 2008, car sales dropped drastically in the world. Jaguar Land Rover Company had no option but to seek a state loan from Lord Mandelson who was then the Business Secretary, but later left the negotiations when the government insisted to take control in the strategy of the company. Towards the end of 2010, car sales rose with good performance world wide.

The British Identity Of Jaguar And Land Rover

The core activity of Jaguar Land Rover firm is to design, develop and sell vehicles with Jaguar and Land Rover brands, despite being owned by a foreign firm Tata motors, which is the biggest car manufacturer in India. The growth of the firm has been tremendous reaching to almost every corner of this world to give luxurious drive in the same original British brands of Jaguar and Land Rover.