The Electric Vehicle

The electric vehicle or also known as electric drive vehicle, since coming to existence in the mid 20th century they have taken normal Joe by surprise. Electric vehicles include road and rail vehicles, surface and underwater vehicles. Being powered by electricity vehicles may be either self-sufficient with a battery, solar panels or electric generators to convert fuel to electricity or current collectors to collect electricity from overhead cables e.g Trams.

Solar as a Better Option

Just like fuel the electric vehicles also require stations where they can charge but this is for the self sufficient types, for vehicles like trams they don’t stations rather they have direct connections to the generation plants. Switching from fossil fuel to renewable energy is advantageous but it can also have some disastrous effects like nationwide blackouts, because most countries aren’t ready. Considering sun power as an option could help reduce the strain on the power grids.

Advantages of Electric Vehicles

Nevertheless one would fall in love with this vehicles after seeing the various conveniences that come with the vehicles, saving $1000 every year, less noise pollution also a 90% energy conversion efficiency do not forget regenerative braking systems where movement energy is converted to electricity and stored in the batteries.

A small change with such a big effect on the planet as a whole. Electric vehicles are here to stay.

The only downside to taking the tram is that you must focus on driving and hence can’t spend your time playing candy crush, playing slot machines or reading books while driving.

Electric Cars – For Cleaner Energy.

Being a technological trend that has been the from the 1910’s with a lot of advantages in-line with it that would save the planet. It show how much it was set aside until it was late. Where current electrical grids cannot provide for electrical cars.It’s now when the interested parties have the product and market but factors affecting the product are really taking a toll on them.