The Story Of Nazi Porsche

nazi porscheThe Nazi Porsche has stood out as a rare gem in most car shows around the world since 1939. While this striking beast has attracted bids of upto $20 million, the Nazi Porsche might not be a Porsche at all. Considering that the car was designed and produced in 1939 even before the inception of the Porsche company, car enthusiasts are still figuring out why it is called a Porsche.

Designer – Ferdinand Porsche

In 1939, an engineer by the name Ferdinand Porsche came up with the brilliant idea of designing the Type 64 Porsche. All along, this engineer was working for Volkswagen (1937) and Mercedes-Daimler founded in (1926). It as built as a commission for the National Socialist Motor Corps and was supposed to take part in the race from Berlin to Rome. Indeed, it was viewed as one way to showcase a fast-evolving Deutschland’s engineering.

Collection of Parts

A few features that stood out in this Type 64 piece of gem include the tiny interior, a split windshield and the wide black steering wheel. This car was originally made by VW parts along with other special parts designed by Porsche. Some other parts that would later be added to the vehicle were borrowed from Steyr, an Austrian and Fiat conglomerate.

Remained a Porsche

While Type 64 was born several years before the Porsche was established in 1948 it still remains unique. Its round headlights, smooth sides and a gently curved roofline define the modern-day Porsche. Ferdinard referred to his invention- Type 64 fondly as die Ahnherr”- The Ancestor and added his surname to the car’s grille.