Water Powered Cars Exist

Running a car on nothing but water. Sounds like a fantastic idea, doesn’t it? Well, if you haven’t heard about cars that can run on water, someone saying you can hop on a car armed with nothing but a can of water sounds like something from a sci-fi movie. But it turns out you can change out your gas powered engine for a water-burning hybrid.

Who’s Stopping Water Powered Cars?

StanleyMeyersDuneBuggy water powered carWhy aren’t we zooming around with water powered cars? Why do we have to put up with skyrocketing gas prices? Well, it turns out we can actually make water-powered cars. In fact, Genepax developed a motor that uses oxygen and hydrogen to drive the wheels. But no one’s taking the Japanese manufacturer seriously. Experts are falling over themselves trying to fault the creation of Genepax. The same thing happened to Stanley Allen Meyer, a pioneer of fuel cell technology.

Are We Talking About A Conspiracy?

Stanley Allen Meyer was sued by potential investors who claimed his invention was nothing but a hoax. The court ruled in the investors’ favour further discrediting what would have been the birth of the first water powered car. But suing Meyer wasn’t enough. After the lawsuit, Meyer would be poisoned in a restaurant. You be the judge. Is there a conspiracy to keep water powered cars from the public?

What’s The Truth Behind Water Powered Cars?

What’s the deal behind water powered cars? Is someone really trying to keep the technology away from the masses? While answering that question might require one to take a huge leap of faith and possibly slander a few people, what’s true is water powered cars are a reality. We have the technology, although not that efficient, to have our cars run on nothing but water.